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Help with Grief & Loss

Have you experienced the death of someone important in your life?

Are you struggling to cope with the current covid 19 pandemic?

Have you unexpectantly lost your job or career?

Are you experiencing loss in the form of a deterioration in your physical or mental health or that of a loved one?

Have you lost a parent early in childhood to death, separation or abandonment and feel as if you haven’t processed this loss?


Grieving comes in many different shapes and sizes. Grieving is universal and part of the human condition however no two people grieve in the same way. Sometimes we can feel stuck or frozen in our grief and it is at this time that you might need the help of a therapist. In our present climate many of us are experiencing anticipatory grief, the loss of the life we had come accustomed to. Whatever the source or stage of your grief we can move through the experience together and explore ways to process and find meaning in it.

I provide a calm gentle and compassionate therapeutic space in which you can talk about and process your feelings of grief and loss.

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