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My Approach

Throughout our lives we will experience many changes. Changes can be chosen or forced, expected or sudden, celebrated or grieved, internal or external. Changes can include leaving home, finishing college, changing jobs, ending a relationship, marriage, first time parents, empty nest, mid life, aging, illness and the death of a loved one. We are naturally resistent to change. We prefer the safety and comfort of the famaliar to the scary unknown. Change can trigger anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. We may want to fast forward to the new beginning without fully processing the ending. Others may get stuck and feel trapped, unable to move forward. How we navigate our endings will deeply impact how the new chapter in our life will unfold. It it during this perilious transitional phase, which feels like no man's land that clients turn to therapy. My work is to support and guide you through these challenging transitions. I will help you adjust to change, identify and express your feelings, gain new perspectives and aquire new skills. Change can build confidence, resilence and greater expansion throughout your entire life. Are you coming to the end of a chapter in your life?

I bring a warm, accepting and gently challeging pressence to the therapy space. While I use many different modalities in my work, I believe the greatest agent of change is the theraputic relationship itself.

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