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Help with Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel stressed and anxious, and it's getting in the way?

Are you a high achiever and work is going well, but you want more in your intimate relationships?

Are you experiencing stress in a relationship with a partner, family member, work colleague or friend?

Do you value the opinions of others above your own?

Do you have a fear of change or the unknown?

Do you doubt your worthingness in areas including career and relationships?

Do you sometime feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts and fears?

Stress is unavoidable in a full and meaningful life, but how we experience it makes all the difference.Therapy can help. It might be about helping you to get clear about what’s causing the stress for you, and to work through and shift the underlying factors. It's helpful to identify your strengths and core values – and learn how to draw on these to help you feel empowered rather than ovewhelmed.

In therapy I support clients in developing self compassion. Self compassion is different to self esteem. Kristen Neff, the leading researcher in this area, explains that self-compassion has three components. self-kindenss, common humanity and mindfulness. We are all gloriously imperfect human beings and self compassion helps us to accept our own and others imperfections.

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