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Help with Relationships Issues

Do you feel lonely or empty on the inside despite being surrounded by family and friends?

Do you feel burnt out by on line dating?

Do you feel you are constantly pleasing and meeting the needs of others without getting anything back in return?

Do you fear being assertive might drive your partner away?

Do you speak up but feel frustrated and hopeless when your partner just doesn’t seem to hear or listen to you?

Do you feel insecure or anxious about your sexuality?


I want you know you are not alone. Everyone struggles to create strong healthy relationships. Relationships are hard work and require effort, practice and self awareness to work. Like most others you probably didn’t have healthy role models growing up that demonstrated loving connection and healthy conflict resolution. Having an awareness of your own needs and being able to express them and compromise with others is a fundamental requisite of healthy relationships.

I provide a space of curiosity and compassion in which you can explore some of your unhelpful relationship patterns that keep you stuck.

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