Davnet Grogan

   Counsellor & Psychotherapist


Help for Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel stressed and anxious, and it's getting in the way?

Are you a high achiever and work is going well, but you want more in your intimate relationships?

Are you experiencing stress in a relationship with a partner, work colleague or friend?


Help for Relationships Issues

Do you feel lonely or empty on the inside despite being surrounded by family and friends?

Do you crave more intimate and meaningful relationships?

Do you feel you are constantly pleasing and meeting the needs of others without getting anything back in return?


Help for Grief & Loss

Have you experienced the death of someone important in your life?

Are you struggling to cope with the current covid 19 pandemic?

Have you unexpectantly lost your job or career?

Are you experiencing loss in the form of a deterioration in your physical or mental health or that of a loved one?


Help for Separation & Divorce 

Are you going through the process of a separation or divorce?

Are you involved in a high conflict divorce?

Are you struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings or anxiety or depression?

Are you feeling desperate and alone?

Are you having trouble eating or sleeping?

My Approach

The theoretical foundation of my clinical work is rooted in attachment based philosophy, incorporating aspects of interpersonal neuroscience and relational trauma. Navigating relationships and the inherent tragedies of human existence is a fundamental aspect of my work. I consider the therapeutic relationship as central in facilitating growth and transformation.  I provide a safe and compassioante space in which to explore a your deepest fears and challenges. I support you in developing a deeper and more compassionate relationship to yourself and others by leaning into your own natural wisdom. 

About me


I’m Davnet,

I am passionate about my work and feel honoured to walk along side a fellow traveller as we explore life's many complex challenges and struggles. I am open minded, gently challenging and comfortable exploring any issues that may be of concern to you.


Getting Help

Call: 086 1528096
Email: davnetgrogan99@gmail.com



Relationship Issues


Grief & Loss


Separation & Divorce

Self Esteem



Longford Counselling Sevices:043 33 47477

Longford Women's Link:043 33 41511

Amen(Violence against men):046 902 3718

Aware:1800 80484

Bodywhys(Eating Disorders Associations):01 283 4963

Childline:1800 666 666

LGBT:Helpline 1800 929 539

Pieta House:Freephone 1800 247247

Rape Cris Centre Helpline:1800 306 600

Samaritions:Freephone 116123

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives
Esther Perel

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