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Davnet Grogan

   Counsellor & Psychotherapist

086 1528096


Help for Mid Life

Life is passing me by!

I'm getting old and I still haven't achieved anything of importance!

My kids are leaving home and I feel lost lonely and unimportant!

I've just retired and have lost my sense of identy and purpose!

Life has lost all meaning!

Do any of these sound famaliar? You are not alone. Mid life can be a time of much upheavel and change. Our roles and responsibilites begin to change. How we manage these transitions can impact on the second half of our lives. I can help navigate you through those changes, to a greater understanding of who you are and what you want from the next chapter in your life.


Help for Relationships Issues

Do you feel lonely or empty on the inside despite being surrounded by family and friends?

Do you crave more intimate and meaningful relationships?

Do you feel you are constantly pleasing and meeting the needs of others without getting anything back in return?

Are you going through the process of a separation or divorce?

Are you struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings or anxiety or depression?

Do you wonder what it feels like to be love and be loved?

Do you need a skilled therapist to guide you through the maze of confusion?


Help for Grief & Loss

Have you experienced the death of someone important in your life?

Are you struggling to cope with the current covid 19 pandemic?

Have you unexpectantly lost your job or career?

Are you experiencing loss in the form of a deterioration in your physical or mental health or that of a loved one?

Do you need support finding a path through grief?

I can help you explore, identify and express your feelings about your loss and what it means to you.


Help for Leaving Home/College 

Do you feel lost, lonely and empty inside?

Do you struggle to make decisions?

Do you fear your future?

Do you feel anxious meeting new people?

Do you feel like a failure? 

Do you hide your anxiety and stress from friends and family?

Do you feel anxious leaving the comfort and security of home?

Do you sabotage your dreams and goals?

You are not alone. Many people leaving home or finishing collge struggle with some or all of these fears. I am here help guide and support you through this challenging transition.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Throughout our lives we will experience many changes. Changes can be chosen or forced, expected or sudden, celebrated or grieved, internal or external. Changes can include leaving home, finishing college, changing jobs, ending a relationship, marriage, first time parents, empty nest, mid life, aging, illness and the death of a loved one. We are naturally resistent to change. We prefer the safety and comfort of the famaliar to the scary unknown. Change can trigger anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. We may want to fast forward to the new beginning, such as a new relationship, job or degree without fully processing the ending. Others may get stuck and feel trapped, unable to move forward. How we navigate our endings will deeply impact how the new chapter in our life will unfold. It it during this perilious transitional phase, which feels like no man's land that clients turn to therapy.And thus they take the first step towards a new beginning.

 My work is to support and guide you through these challenging transitions. I will help you adjust to change, identify and express your feelings, gain new perspectives and aquire new skills. Change can build confidence, resilence and greater expansion throughout your entire life. 

I bring a warm, accepting and gently challeging pressence to the therapy space. While I use many different modalities in my work, I believe the greatest agent of change is the theraputic relationship itself.

About me


I’m Davnet,

I am a psychotherapist based in Co.Mayo. I have recently relocated to the West of Ireland, to follow my souls calling and establish a private psychotherapy practice in my native county. I also work part time in Castlebar Family Life Centre. I specialise in guiding and supporting clients through major life transitions.

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Getting Help

Thank you for visiting my website.
I offer daytime and evening appointments.
I work face to face and online.
My Fee is €60 per 1 hour session.
However I am willing to discuss a reduced rate based on individual circumstances. I believe that fees should not preclude anyone accessing therapy.

Call: 0861528096
"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance" Alan Watts

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